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Winter Circuit Session I Recap

By Select Series, 01/12/18, 12:45PM EST


Featuring Top Games, Programs, and Players from Session I in MA

Top Games

6th Grade: CT Express v. NE Playaz

CT Express 58 – 57 NE Playaz

This was unquestionably the most entertaining game of the weekend. CT Express was fresh off a 30-point win to start their weekend while it was the first game for NE Playaz. Both teams had multiple ball handlers and high level shot makers which led to a fun up-and-down contest. Regulation didn’t prove to be enough as the two teams headed to a first overtime. Both teams had a chance to win it in OT but those two minutes also didn’t give us a winner that led to a second overtime. CT Express looked like they had the game won with less than 10 second on the clock up 4. Rather than forcing up a bad three, NE Playaz got the rim and cut the lead in half and cranked up the defensive pressure. An improbable steal led to an open buzzer-beating layup to send us to a sudden death third overtime! CT Express kept their heads up and got a big steal and got fouled in the process. They stepped up to the line and knocked down the walk-off free throw and rushed the court with a gutsy 58-57 victory.

7th Grade: NJ Bulldogs v. NE Playaz

NJ Bulldogs 46 – 41 NE Playaz

The NJ Bulldogs came in with big expectations and they certainly didn’t disappoint. NE Playaz came to play as well in a highly contested 7th grade game. A close game throughout came down to offensive execution down the stretch. NE Playaz went zone and the Bulldogs responded by moving the ball and knocking down open threes.  NE Playaz gave themselves a chance with less than 5 seconds left with the ball down two. They knocked down an and-one turnaround 18-footer to tie it with the chance to win it at the foul line with no time remaining. The free throw was left short and we went to overtime. NJ Bulldogs shut out the Playaz in the overtime frame to hold on 46-41.

8th Grade: Boston Bobcats v. Riverside Hawks

Boston Bobcats 74 – 67 Riverside Hawks

This was one of the most competitive and intense games of the weekend. Boston Bobcats built a double-digit lead that they held for most of the first half. Riverside Hawks turned up the defensive pressure that led to easy transition points. It was a close affair throughout the second half and momentum seemed to be on the Riverside Hawks’ side until TJ Power of Boston Bobcats took over. He was the tallest player on the court but was handling the ball and playmaking for himself and others. His ability to score inside and out, in transition and in the half court ended up being the difference in a big time win.

TOP Programs

6th Grade

VA Playmakers

Capped off a 3-0 weekend with impressive double-digit victories over NE Playaz and New Haven Heat and a close victory over Hilltopper Heat. Jaquan Womack was one of the top players in the division dominating inside offensively and defensively.

Hilltopper Heat

Hilltopper Heat finished the weekend 2-1 with quality wins over CT Express and NE Playaz. They fell just short against VA Playmakers in a game that could have gone either way. They were led by Amir Abdullah and Jordan Taylor all weekend.

7th Grade

NJ Bulldogs

NJ Bulldogs completed an undefeated weekend with a big win over YIIS and a game of the weekend candidate in a tight victory over NE Playaz. A remarkable group led by Will Norman who was the star of the team.

Playaz Academy West

Undefeated weekend for Playaz Academy with two double digit wins over Brampton Warriors and Boston Bobcats. Playmakers and shooters all over the floor from this team led to an impressive 63 points per game this weekend.

Riverside Hawks

Another unbeaten team with an extraordinary weekend. The highlight of the weekend came with a 71-55 win over Bay State Jaguars to cap their Saturday. The team was led by Makenzie Mgbako and Brandon Mccreesh.

8th Grade

Mass Rivals

They capped off a 3-0 weekend with wins over City Hoop Dreams, NEBC and a very impressive 77-56 win over NY Jayhawks. The win over the Jayhawks was as good as a performance we saw all weekend. They play at a high tempo, attack off the dribble and constantly apply defensive pressure. Jeffrey Goguen was outstanding this weekend with his ability to score in a multitude of ways as well as defend all 5 positions.

NJ Bulldogs

This was the best team we saw all weekend. An undefeated weekend with thoroughly dominate victories. NJ Bulldogs’ top player Jaquan Harris is a current and future star who can score at all three levels and can jump out of the gym. This is certainly a team to keep your eye on throughout the circuit and moving forward.

top players

6th Grade

1st Team

Amir Abdullah Hilltopper Heat
Jaquan Womack VA Playmakers
Jahkai Veal    CT Express
Patrick Nguyen VA Playmakers
Carlos Rodriguez Hilltopper Heat

2nd Team:

Adel Holmes VA Playmakers
Jordan Taylor Hilltopper Heat
Jakeel Martin  CT Express 
 Jair Mathis New Haven Heat
Mahkai Anderson  New Haven Heat

7th Grade

1st Team:

Teegan Terry Boston Bobcats
Druv Robinson Hilltopper Heat
Will Norman NJ Bulldogs
Makenzie Mgbako Riverside Hawks - Danny
John Adekile Brampton Warriors

2nd Team:

James Jackman Hilltopper Heat
Gavriel Henriquez Riverside Hawks - Davanny
Brandon McCreesh Riverside Hawks - Danny
Austin Lizzi Riverside Hawks - Davanny
Kamal Lee NJ Bulldogs 

8th Grade

1st Team:

TJ Powers Boston Bobcats
Jaquan Harris NJ Bulldogs
Jeffrey Goguen Mass Rivals
Max Poulton NE Playaz
Francisco Mattei Riverside Hawks

2nd Team:

Max Ragusa NY Jayhawks
Corey Floyd NJ Bulldogs
Martin Wilson NE Playaz
Jaquan Sanders Riverside Hawks
Tyree Thomas Brampton Warriors

3rd Team:

Joseph Bakersville NJ Bulldogs
 Xavier McKenzie City Hoop Dreams 
Abbou Ba  NY Jayhawks 
Reid Durcharme  Boston Bobcats 
Roby Dormevil  Mass Rivals